Saturday, June 5, 2010

Life in China

Quick Note: I really enjoyed traveling to China with Dad. Nothing like being with a gold member or whatever...easy check-in, better leg room, and a nice cushy shoulder to sleep on. It made the stress level of the event go waaaayy down. Thank you, Papa!!

So home at China has been lovely. After the two semesters of busy stressful school life it has been nice to just sort of sink into a chair and watch TV all day. Well...not really. But the relaxation has definitely been refreshing, with a little work here and there.
I have really loved the pulled noodles and riding scooters. I have been here for six complete weeks now and, while still enjoying home and will be sad to leave, I'm excited to get back to Utah with my car and my roomies. I've missed them. Scarily, I'll be looking for a job as well. That's pretty much what is going through my mind at the moment - excitement and dread.

We went out today (Dad, Mom, me) to lunch at Johnny Moo's. Dad wisely split Mom's meal (chicken quesadillas) and mine (bacon cheeseburger) between the three of us. Half my burger went to him, half the quesadillas, and half my fries to Mom. It worked really well - all the food (including appetizers) were eaten with only a small triangle of quesadilla left. I had a lovely heaven-in-a-cup frappucino (cream of course) from Starbucks. After we went to the Pearl Market and splurged (all of us) on shoes, purses, and jewelry.

SO now we're home and it's time to relax. Mom and Dad were planning a fun date night tonight - Dad told me "NOT with you which means you'll have to find something else to do. Maybe you can call so-and-so and hang out with her." HA! Mom said, "Hanging out requires conversation and the will to form sentences." Mom knows me so well. China has really set me back in my old un-social ways. Well, that's all for now. Relaxation, excitement, and dread - all in the Mind of Roo. :) (Cheesy ending? Thank you very much!)

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