Friday, June 11, 2010

Redoing the Room

I'm sure Trina is going to write her whole own post with before/after pictures of my room. I just wanted to put in that that was EXHAUSTING. I have toooo much junk. I even started a DI pile of the things I'm so sick of seeing. Not many things, I could probably put other things in but other things tend to have a small connection to my heart, strings and soul.

It is nice to have the Princess Bed back. It is beautiful. Trina hated it - it took hours to build all up and was very stressful (I will let Trina give details). Then we had to rearrange my other furniture to allow for stuff. I'm so done. Done. Done. Done.

Does anyone else ever feel like burning down their own house after removing journals and books and back-up hard drives? Just to get rid of all the junk and start FRESH? Of course that wouldn't work in our case because we have a back-up house in CHINA. Sigh.


  1. ps-if you hadn't noticed, I'm not giving details about building the bed. I choose not to think about that bed anymore. Unless I'm sleeping on it...

  2. Glad I wasn't there to help build that bed - been there done that! :) Glad you two got it all set up tho - it looks nice. A back-up house in China hahaha...Actually I've done pretty good at clearing out all you kids' stuff form this house.