Saturday, June 5, 2010

School With Mom

Mom's little kiddies are sooo cute. I've been to her class four-five times now and they are all so loving and sweet. I came in yesterday and they all cheered, "Tesssieee!" I got to do show and tell cause I was coloring pictures to occupy myself and Mom told me to. They were very interested and asked good questions like, "Why didn't you do her dress blue like in the book?" (I was copying images from Cinderella) and "Why didn't you do the rest of the picture?" etc. etc.

My first day with them, a little girl named Emilly came up and hugged me and said, "I like you." Those kids are so loving. Heilam, one of Mom's very favorites, was accidentally still at school, after all the other kids had left, cause she didn't know her after school activity had been canceled, so she sat by me and watched me draw Cinderella's fairy godmother. She was much more comfortable with me after that. They are all so precious!!

It is especially fun to watch them with Mom. Yesterday she taught them the Chicken Dance and I jumped up to help. After the first run-through we were ready to be done but the kiddies kept cheering, "Again, again!" Yeah right. Didn't they know the Chicken Dance is traditionally only danced once a year in America? (They shouldn't be learning U.S. culture from out-of-shape Americans!)

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  1. hahaha they're so cute :) thanks for the video. it made me smile when I was mad.