Sunday, September 19, 2010

A lovely morning

So I kinda woke up at 6am today. Actually, not at all. I just pretended to be awake until I finally got out of bed at 7am. I then got cookie dough out of the freezer (or was that 6am?) and straightened my hair and then frowned, not wanting to get ready for church yet. Adrianne was coming at some point to practice for my musical number, so I started making cookies. I had decided last night or this morning or whenever that I'd make cookies for Dad to take on the road to ID Falls. So while the first pan of cookies baked (thank goodness for store-bought cookie dough...yum!) I made a cute little container for his cookies and stuck a piece of bread in the bottom which apparently keeps the cookies nice and soft.
Then when that was done I thought, "Hey! Adrianne left her milk here...and she's doing me a good deed for accompanying...I should give her cookies!" SO I made her a plate of cookies and a cute little note. I had extra paper so I thought, "Who else can I do something for?" So I wrote a Welcome Home note to everybody. Then I thought, "Well Trina got a prize (a cute sweater vest that everyone has except for her that I found at Wal-mart), Dad got a prize...what about Stephen and Tin?" So I left notes for both of them, and the leftover cookie dough for Stephen. And THEN I thought, "Hmmm...I bet they'd prefer to have a clean kitchen over cookies." So I did the dishes, which is really all that needed done.
And THEN I got ready for church, brushed my teeth, and warmed up my voice to practice. I did the rubik's cube, and now I'm writing this, and NOW I'm just waiting for Adrianne to come. :)