Saturday, October 30, 2010

Best Halloween Week EVER

Greetings! SO I have had a perfectly beautifully lovely wonderful fun awesome week. I will go in order by day, but start by saying I celebrated Halloween this week 9-10 times! Haha That involved something going on every night, some nights more than one thing. :) I also dressed up about 7 times. It was a great week, though I'll admit I feel like crap today (Saturday). hahaha But that is actually only because I slept in til 10! Gross.

So Saturday the 23rd -- actually the ward had a "5k to Eternity" which I actually went to. I walked the whole thing with the twins and their parents (of course) but it was still fun. Even cooler was that as soon as we were done IT STARTED RAINING. How nice of it to wait for us, huh? Anyway, it was at that 5k that Melissa invited me to the Halloween shindig she had that evening. I wasn't really sure about going, but I did. I dressed up in black with an 8 on my back and holding a blue triangle in front of me that said "Try Again Later..." I was a magic 8-ball!! We'll actually call that one 1.0 as you will learn why later. ;) But that was fun, fun people at that party. Most from the ward, but some new friends. And I actually had to leave early to go to a movie ("You Again") with a friend. THAT was TONS of fun. I love love love REALLY laughing and we were cracking up the WHOLE time. Story - there was a guy in the hall once when I went for napkins and he was just so STILL that I was like "Is he a manikin?" so when I came back he was gone. Creepy, huh? SO, creeped out, I RAN back into the theater and THERE HE WAS. With that robotic style, he looked over at me and then looked away. EVEN MORE CREEPY! So I ran all the way back to Lindsey.

Monday the 25th - I actually had no intention to dress up that night, just to go to FHE. But lo and behold, a girl from my ward requested help at a party for kids on UVU Campus. SO I went to help for an hour, garbed in my princessly/pride and prejudicey attire. I had fun rocking out to the music hahaha and I'm sure I looked VERY princessly doing so. All I really did was supervise the tables where the kids painted pumpkins, and then I marked off on their little papers that they had done it. SO CUTE!! I saw a little baby dressed as a lobster in the lap of his sister Ariel. So cute, huh? And then I saw little twin chunks in bear costumes getting their picture taken among the pumpkins. I almost died.

After that party I ran and picked up a girl from the ward and we went to FHE, where we played Halloween games all night. Actually I was talking to a guy friend who used to be in the ward and was just visiting. He is moving back though. Yay! Not to the ward though. :( That is mainly what I did anywho...we also played the "What If" game and laughed and laughed.

Tuesday the 26th - I had actually been kind of been planning only to go to a guy named Wes's Halloween Party. (He is probably someone I've told you about before, just a guy from the ward - pretty interesting character) I wasn't CRAZY about the idea of going but he planned it accordingly to get a lot of people so I was going to go anyway. Anyway, I was invited that day to a party BEFORE, another Halloween party/Birthday bash. I went to that for like an hour before I had to leave for Wes's party (This was night of the Lazy Nudist on Strike) and lo and behold, it was snowing A LOT outside. Enough to make it a hassle to drive.

But I went, and it was super super great. Wes had planned really fun Halloween candy and stuff, including a marshmallow brain. The movie (Van Helsing) was uber good (blueray) and I didn't mind having to sit by a really cute boy. Or rather...him sitting by ME. Baahaahahaha. The party before had had some cute ones too but....I think I enjoyed the second a little more. Ahem. Anyways. No more details than that, don't ask.

Wednesday the 27th - I didn't have to dress up!! YES! I just exercised on Trina's treadmill and one of the programs (Trail Run or something) made me actually JOG for 5-6 minutes straight. And I did it! And it didn't kill me! My breathing has gotten TONS better since I started exercising. The only pain I had in that jog was some discomfort in my legs, which is to be expected. :) After that though, Stephen and I (Trina was at work) went and ate chili at the family ward Halloween party. So that counts. I just didn't dress up.

Thursday the 28th - I had been planning since Sunday to ask somebody out - like a date - to go to the "Alma Martyr" murder mystery party. Of course I chickened out. I asked my friend from English class instead, Natashya, and we had a blast. I picked her up after work and brought her home and we did our English reading together and then wrote our papers about the reading. And THEN we ran and got ready.
So that was fun. The Murder Mystery thing was a hoot! We walked in and this girl came running up to us, "OH MY GOSH I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN FOREVER! *hug*" I was thinking, "Who are you, creeper..." and then I realized she was one of the actors. She was the head cheerleader/student body president who had planned the 10 year highschool reunion. The whole setup was that a certain guy from our class had been killed and certain people had gotten letters (the actors) asking them to come. Apparently he was a real alien freak and wanted everybody's money to fund it, etc etc. We didn't have specific characters. There were a lot of my ward people there which was fun...a little awkward in some areas (like a guy I may be a teensy bit fond of on a date with my friend...). But it was fun. UGH! Throughout the whole night I kept having balance problems, which is usually my case, but one time Natashya ran to catch me and I stabbed her with a pencil. Haha poor girl.

Friday the 29th - Probably the busiest day of my week HOLY COW. The BEST too. WOW. So I started the day with a HUGE load of stuff in my car. A pumpkin in my lap (carved as Harry Potter), my magic 8-ball 2.0 costume in the backseat, clothes for paintball, and Natashya's shoes which she had forgotten. Haha it made me laugh on the way to work because I had all this Halloween stuff then I look to my right and there is a pirate in the car beside me!! hahaMy work was having a costume contest, and I decided to try even if I didn't win anything, I mean I LOVE dressing up! :) Also, I had the silly carved pumpkin anyway. But I DIDN'T plan to wear my costume to school...which I did. I was getting smiles all the way across campus. It was pretty fun. Even if I was a blob I was a CUTE blob. For the record though, I was wearing a very cute outfit underneath and nobody ever got to see it.

After school I didn't have to go back to work (YES!! I love my job but it was still a great feeling to not have to drive to work but to go PLAY!). I went paintballing with Finance, which of course, is all the people that sit by me. We had a BBQ with yummalicious ribs and buttery corn and baked potatoes. It was fun. I hadn't eaten lunch with my people in awhile so I just enjoyed being there. Oh yeah - when I first got there I stripped in my car and changed into paintball-worthy clothes. I still got some bee-yootiful welts though. I'm so proud. :) My BATTLE SCARS!

Paintballing was UBER UBER fun. However, my hair had been all wavy and ready to be teased for my costume later that night, when in the first ten seconds of the first round of our paintballing SMACK - I got hit in the head with a greasy yellow paintball. haha Well didn't think of THAT. It was so much fun. I actually got a few people out and people WANTED me on their team hahaha. It was nice. However, in my last round (because I had to go get ready) we played "Humans and Zombies" in honor of Halloween. There were two zombies and you could only kill them with a head-shot, while humans were one-shot-death and turn into zombies. So we basically charged the zombies which the ref said he'd never seen before hahaha. But I got turned into a zombie, and as soon as I officially touched the cone or whatever signifying it, SMACK. I got shot IN THE FACE. The stinking paintballs went UNDER MY MASK on my jaw. It made me cry I think more from shock than pain but still. I was embarrassed that I was crying in front of everybody haha. Toni was very sympathetic though.

So here is my before and after picture - seriously. The after is about twenty minutes after the before, that's how GOOD I am. I went then to the church and finished setting up my fortune-telling booth. I felt like I was kinda lame cause I totally had no idea what to do. But after awhile I just kept pulling the image of dogs out of the crystal orb, totally made up that I was reading something out of the cootie catcher, and when I was figuring out when someone was getting married from their palms (this question came a lot and was kind of awkward) I would find their life line, their heart line, find a dot by the heart line, and then connect the dot to the life line most directly and say that's where they found their true love and got married. hahahaha Then I handed people a fortune cookie. Some went longer, some went shorter. It was fun. I really liked my caramel and oreo dipped apple.
My FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE part of the week (besides paintballing) was the multi-stake dance after the ward Halloween party. I actually danced, I was asked to slow-dance (which I've decided I hate. My friend with my didn't ever get asked to dance and I know and hate how that feels), and my favorite ward people (some of them, not cute Tuesday boy who I shan't name) were there. It was just uber uber fun. And I LOVED my costume. I have been planning that one since I couldn't wear it at Madison's reception. I just had a great night. Stayed the whole time (til 11:30) and then went home and crashed.

Saturday the 30th - I woke up at 10, gross. And then I vacuumed a little and went on the treadmill again, and then scrubbed up with soap. I ran some grocery errands, took pictures of Trina at her work (she was a fairy) and then other errands. I got home, changed, and went to the temple with a friend from the ward and her friends. It was a great visit, went very smoothly and quickly (though not rushed) and it was just nice and peaceful. And then I came home, wrote the large part of this letter and THEN got ready to be Belle. Actually I'm going to do that now, then I shall take a picture, attach it, and then be DONE with this freaking novel. hahaha

DONE! Here I am! Funny thing is, the most elaborate costume, and I didn't go anywhere. :) Oh yeah, a guy I danced with at the dance last night invited me to his Halloween party (I JUST met him) but I didn't go. First of all, I'm not really interested. Second, I didn't feel like going to American Fork. And oh yeah - I also went to SEVEN OTHER ONES!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls/Baking

I don't know what it is about Sunday that just suddenly gives me the motivation to want to bake something. I decided today I wanted to make cinnamon rolls, a scary task since I've never made them FROM SCRATCH by myself before. So I texted a couple people for recipes, since I didn't find one in Trina's Super Magic Recipe Book. My friend Jamie sent me one and I made that.

Firstly, when I was making the dough it was just so GOOEY. I had to keep reminding myself that I hadn't even put aside all of the flour suggested in the recipe (it said 5-8 cups so I put out like 5). Finally it got doughie and I left it to rise, all of which done between talks while the choir sang (General Conference). Then I decided I'd try my hand at cream cheese frosting!

Overall, the cinnamon rolls were 50-50 success and disaster. The second batch had been too packed close to each other and a lot of those were gooey. Eeuuuuggghhh!! But since they were already golden and brown....FLOOP! I just tossed them. Poor starving children in India. They'd be so ashamed of me. But, the rolls that WERE good were nice and airy and good. I probably could have put some more filling (more cinnamon sugar - I used brown sugar. I have discovered that the majority of the world uses brown sugar and we Lambs are just weirdos for using white). Either way, it was a good experience. Oh yeah - and they are also some of the ugliest rolls you've ever seen!! :) I think I should've added more flour.

By the way, I'm never making cinnamon rolls ever again. Who in their right mind takes two hours to make some rolls? Trust me, this was a one time deal. I think I'd rather spend a few bucks on a cinnabon when the fancy takes me. I'm too lazy otherwise. :) I wonder how my future husband/children/family will manage for Thanksgiving dinner. "What? You want a feast that takes half the day to make and WEEKS to prepare? You're out of your mind!!" Or maybe I'm out of mine. :)