Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cinnamon Rolls/Baking

I don't know what it is about Sunday that just suddenly gives me the motivation to want to bake something. I decided today I wanted to make cinnamon rolls, a scary task since I've never made them FROM SCRATCH by myself before. So I texted a couple people for recipes, since I didn't find one in Trina's Super Magic Recipe Book. My friend Jamie sent me one and I made that.

Firstly, when I was making the dough it was just so GOOEY. I had to keep reminding myself that I hadn't even put aside all of the flour suggested in the recipe (it said 5-8 cups so I put out like 5). Finally it got doughie and I left it to rise, all of which done between talks while the choir sang (General Conference). Then I decided I'd try my hand at cream cheese frosting!

Overall, the cinnamon rolls were 50-50 success and disaster. The second batch had been too packed close to each other and a lot of those were gooey. Eeuuuuggghhh!! But since they were already golden and brown....FLOOP! I just tossed them. Poor starving children in India. They'd be so ashamed of me. But, the rolls that WERE good were nice and airy and good. I probably could have put some more filling (more cinnamon sugar - I used brown sugar. I have discovered that the majority of the world uses brown sugar and we Lambs are just weirdos for using white). Either way, it was a good experience. Oh yeah - and they are also some of the ugliest rolls you've ever seen!! :) I think I should've added more flour.

By the way, I'm never making cinnamon rolls ever again. Who in their right mind takes two hours to make some rolls? Trust me, this was a one time deal. I think I'd rather spend a few bucks on a cinnabon when the fancy takes me. I'm too lazy otherwise. :) I wonder how my future husband/children/family will manage for Thanksgiving dinner. "What? You want a feast that takes half the day to make and WEEKS to prepare? You're out of your mind!!" Or maybe I'm out of mine. :)

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