Thursday, November 25, 2010


Well today has been GREEEAAT. I did scold Trina a little bit for leading me into the room wherein lie the homework I'm supposed to do, but I got over it, reached OVER the homework, and grabbed my lovely not-school book to read.

I told Trina I was getting up at 6am and I'd make my pie then and...guess what? I DIDN'T! It was wonderful! I answered my alarm at 5:40am - I was actually really confused because I didn't realize it was an alarm, I thought someone was calling or something. Either way, I ended it and crashed back to bed. And then five minutes later my CALENDAR went off reminding me to do the pie. I said, "Yeah right!" and went back to bed and slept for a few more hours. When I got up I got to making the pudding for the pie. Thank goodness for instant. It took basically all the work off me.

Trina and I worked a little bit, me supporting her through the prepping of the turkey, "Remove the neck? I thought they already removed the neck?" she said. "Um, I think they mean the skin." Haha and then she played with the turkey's wings and...anyway, it was fun. We prepped the casseroles a bit later (after I got to read for awhile) and we ended up eating around 2:30pm. All through dinner we went around and had to say something we were grateful for (no repeating). It was pretty good and even after we were still saying some.

My favorite part was going to the computer and randomly checking classes again, and being able to add Chinese 101!! Yes!!!! That cheered me up. And now I find it amusing I'll be starting my Chinese class the DAY after I get back from China. "Where are you from?" "China." "Oh how long have you been here?" "About twenty-four hours." Haha I am actually QUITE looking forward to jetlag. It'll make getting up easier. And going to FHE right after I get home. This is just going to be too much fun!!!

Did I mention my pie is amazing? I LOVE cooking and making it all prettified. I made the crust, put in the pudding, chilled it, then added the whip cream and oreo crumbs. I almost don't want to eat it!

I've been in a "words of affirmation" mood of late. I literally feel like running around and shaking people and screaming, "AFFIRM ME!" Kind of a weird feeling. We are going to Tangled now hopefully. I think I'll dress as a princess just to stick a pencil up Trina's nose. Just kidding. :) She vetoed it, so I feel like doing it anyway. But here we go! As a family! To a princess movie! Isn't that GREAT?! Happy Thanksgiving!

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