Friday, February 11, 2011


There are two (dominant) voices inside my head. I call them Natural Man and Spirit. Contrary to what her name appears to imply, Spirit is not the epitome of my secret hippie side. She's the part of me that says, "Hey, that thought is a little risque. Maybe we should show it the back door of our brain." Natural Man is, actually, also a woman, but for some reason they both have deep voices in my head. And surprisingly, they don't always take the roads of straight righteousness and straight evil. They just like to argue sometimes. And sometimes, they are both quiet and let me live my life.

Let me give you an example of some regular conversations that occur between the two. Once upon a time I was driving home from work. I was very hungry, and I had agreed with myself that I had earned eating out if I so desired. Well as I drove home, I saw Cafe Rio.

Spirit: No no, you can make it home. We'll eat nachos.
Natural Man: Hunger. Just do it.
Spirit: Save money!
Natural Man: Money. Chaching. Agreed. Besides, we're too lazy to actually stop for food.

That is basically the conversation that repeats every time I see a fast food restaurant on the way home.

Right now, Spirit went to bed hours ago (she's very precise about the 10pm bedtime). Natural Man is dozing, and growling whenever she pops awake. Neither of them appreciate being kept up. NM usually stays up later, and she wakes up first if I wake up unexpectedly. That is why I tend to be cranky at sleepovers if people awaken me when we're supposed to be sleeping. Oops.

I once drew a cartoon picture which epitomized NM and Spirit pretty accurately. I have recreated it for you in Paint.Guess which one is which.

I hope this has given you some insight into my mind. Someday I'll map my it for you.

Also, I hope it gives you insight in regards to my artistic skill which, obviously, exceeds expectations.

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