Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This Morning

Someday I will introduce the other voices in my head to you (there are probably at least two more besides Spirit and NM). Well, with the four of us running around being crazy during the day, you can understand how much we like our sleep. It's our time of temporary truce where we can all just...ya know...SLEEP.

Well, it wasn't until the 4th-5th time I woke up early this morning that I realized my lights were on and were what were probably waking me up. Actually, I recall the FIRST time I woke up I thought, "Is it really noon already?!" or something. Then after that I just had to keep checking my clocks. I don't even remember which ones.

Needless to say, by the time my alarm woke me up for the CORRECT time, everyone in my head was so tired and weepy with tiredness, we were all just sort of running into each other and weeping when we did so. I think NM even said a few Spirit-like things and Spirit said a few NM-things. But how should I know? My thoughts aren't exactly organized right now.

Oh hey. Stephen just got home from clinicals. Poor boy. He's probably worse off than I, and he has to go to work in a little bit like I do.

At least this has all my voices in full agreement for once - tonight we go to bed with the light turned OFF. Also, we figure out and kill whoever turned it on. I think it might've been me. So, until further notice, We hate myself.