Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

So Trina is restarting her blog, I figured I could be all cool and try as well. Yeah. That'll last...the next ten minutes. Anyway. I am NOT going to do happy things like her, because I find joy in pessimism. For example, Ugh. I'm so much more ATTRACTIVE than people. No one understands me and my beauty...

Not really. No seriously. Not really.

SO you want to know what I've been doing lately? Well, after breaking up with my boyfriend (we'll call him Coffee Table because that was the first thing I saw), I became an official recluse. Even church has no social interest to me. And I've been reading.

Beautiful wonderful GLORIOUS reading! It's been great. I re-read Brandon Sanderson's Elantris (pretty much awesome) and then read for the first time his The Way of Kings which was also pretty much cool (I felt really smart finding all the palindromes before anyone even mentioned they were there for a reason). I've otherwise been sifting through my library attempting to find things I want to read again. Right now I'm reading the Harry Potter books again! And The Prisoner of Azkaban is just waiting for me to put my laptop down and give it the attention it deserves. Almost there, darling, I'll be with you soon.

Oh oh oh! I work too. That's actually kind of an important part of my daily day because it is kind of the only productive part. Also, I got a raise today. I'm still a little surprised about it. My boss and I were going over a spreadsheet thing and BAM he just said, "You get a raise!" Well, if you insist, Master Wonderful Boss Man. If you insist.

Now I shall ditch this blog-writing thing for something more interesting - READING! I told you I would lose interest fast. Ha. Look at this. And Trina was concerned that she wouldn't be as deep as other people. Very well, I'll say something intelligent and wise-sounding to be an offish blogger. You may quote me. "No matter what you say, yack, or jabber -- if it has 'blogspot' in the URL, it is a blog." Thank you, all, please, have a wonderful rest of your life!


  1. Nice coat. ;) Oh, and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! *Sigh.

  2. And why does a little flower appear in front of my name when I make a comment on this blog. It should be a light-saber, or a chocolate chip, or something manly like a deltoid, or a bicep, or a pec...just saying.

  3. hahaha theweve is funny. If I knew him in person I'd marry him.

    how'd you get your title to be a color???