Friday, June 17, 2011

Car Troubles

Ury, dearest Ury, my first car that I ever drove completely solo - has been ill this week. It started on...well, I think it was Wednesday. I was driving home and was about a block away from the house when he just gave up and died. Literally. He just stopped. Thankfully, Trina was home and she hurried down the street to help me push him home. He turned back on a couple hours later.

This is how the rest of the week went --
  • The next morning I drove him to work. Driving through the intersection next to work, he died again, and I coasted into the parking lot which was thankfully right there.
  • After work, Stephen and Trina followed me home in Nissa, so when Ury died five minutes from home, we just left him and I walked back to get him later (about a 15 minute walk).
  • Trina and Stephen took Ury to Jiffy Lube today, and he died in that parking lot.
  • When they brought him home, he died in the garage.
Basically I have an analogy to make to this - whenever you break down, it's a short distance to assistance. Of course that analogy doesn't apply to cars all the time whatsoever - I'm so thankful Ury refrained from dying on big roads. But in life and the gospel it always holds true.

The first time Ury died, I was a short walk away from the house, and Trina was able to rush out and help. The second time, I was weary of problems and was able to keep my head when he died, so I could coast into the parking lot (and then the nice man that worked there tried to help me get him started again). The third time, we were REALLY prepared, my family driving right behind me and ready to pick me up when I broke down. The fourth time, we were fixing the problem. The fifth time, we were home safe.

Applying that to life, mistakes or trials may surprise us, but we're always within distance of assistance - even if sometimes that assistance is the Lord, and the distance is from our feet to our knees. Also, when we're wizened up about trials/temptations/afflictions, we can keep our head and remember what we're supposed to do so they don't surprise us again. And the best preparation is often having your family right behind you - that includes your heavenly brother and father. And then, as long as you're trying to fix the issues in your life, the Lord will always make sure you stay safe.

Also, I'm just throwing it out there, when trials come upon you - it is the best feeling to let others help get you through it. It was a perfectly wonderful surprise when Trina emailed me that Stephen was trying to get my car fixed. And now he is in the garage replacing my fuel pump. I like to think I'm independent, but it's nice to know I don't always have to be. Trials are an excellent opportunity to let others serve you.

...The end.

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