Sunday, August 14, 2011

Validation validation validation!!!!

That just seems to be what the world revolves around. And since it doesn't get it, it is killing itself. Yeah I'm a happy non-cynical person. :)

But really, validation is kind of its own miracle. It is like acting for Christ directly for just one second when you tell someone they did something great, or they look great, or they are just wonderful. I went through my Facebook friends yesterday and I'd grab one here and there and post on their wall something nice - I like to think Christ would be doing that, validating everyone individually.

I didn't get everyone, and a few people wrote on MY wall, "WHAT ABOUT ME!?" -- So I told them too what I love about them. I don't think I was even IN DEPTH validating like, "I love you, Andrea, because I see how much your family means to you and what you do to protect them. It's an example to me" but you know...anyone wants to hear they're beautiful randomly. :)

Basically, I've never seen validation go wrong. And it goes two ways - as I was trying to think of what to say to people, I realized how much I love them. And it brightened my day. So, go validation! Try to validate at least ten people a day. :) See how your world changes.