Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poor boys...poor girls...

I have just had the craziest week in the history of womankind. Also a kind of annoying week. First, I know what happened, because it happens every time -- it's kind of annoying how spot-on it is. Everytime I stop reading my scriptures regularly, my emotions crash into their regular depression horror of horror moods and it's like I fall into an emotional wavepool of crashing waves of death - and oh yeah, I can't swim. Ugh. This is basically what I've felt like for the past...9-10 days.

I start out just kind of blank looking. I actually titled this picture "dead inside" because that is how it feels. Please note the uncertain expressions of Spirit and NM, because not even they know what to do with me.

Then I see something sad, or different, or ya know - a flower or something. I close my eyes...Uh-oh.


And it isn't even a single occurrence. It happens in the car....at work...playing...and even sleeping. Ok. Not SLEEPING. But you get the point.

I actually kind of feel really bad. Because it makes the people around you *really* uncomfortable. Which can be funny sometimes. But not when they don't know what they did wrong. For example, this evening Trey was attempting to be a loving brother nudging his sister out of her DEAD INSIDE zone. So he teased me...by pouring a drop of water on me. A drop. It went something like this....
And THAT, my friends --for the sake of your family, your friends, and your co-workers-- is why you do NOT stop reading your scriptures on a regular basis! At least...it's why I don't. :)