Friday, December 16, 2011

Adoptive Big Brothers

I figured I'd share this with my "followers" because all of them know and can appreciate the individuals involved.

So I was having a lovely morning, I dressed in real clothes, I did more with my hair than putting it in a ponytail, and I was making blessed hot chocolate while Ury the Car was heating up outside. I was talking to Trina and Mama Russell in the kitchen about how Stephen had scared Mama Russell again, jumping from behind a door and growling his dinosaur roar. I told them wryly that I'm very familiar with that roar. Then, as I was getting ready to walk out the door to go to work, Stephen and Paul entered the house from who knows where. I hugged Mama Russell good bye, Paul forced a hug from me while he was on the phone, and then I went outside.

I found my car seat slid all the way forward (making it a little difficult to get in). As soon as I saw it I yelled, "PAULLL!!!!!!" When I got in my car I looked up and saw a face poking through the front door to see my reaction. I yelled at him again - he looked gleeful.

Thank you, Trina, for these big brothers that cause me more trouble than my biological big brothers.