Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Taking Control...of Everything!

Taking control of the internal.

I've worked with the family over the past couple months to develop better habits of eating and exercise. My reward for this is being 15 pounds skinnier and able to run without getting weary.

Now that that is in the works and going so well, I want to work more on taking control of my INNER self. The first part of that goal is watching my language. I mean I'm not a straight-up cuss mouth, but I discovered about myself that I do have a tendency to overuse those "soft" expletives (like dang, suck, shoot, crap, frick, etc.).

This language does not give an impression of the daughter of God that I am. Time to stop. As my mother would say, if I can't say something uplifting that draws the spirit, why would I ever say it?

Also, if I really make the choice to go on a mission, what kind of an example to investigators would I be if those words slip out? It just isn't attractive.

I have lived in a body and mind I wasn't totally happy with, thinking I was trapped in my ways, for years. But now I've learned that I have all the power to make that change. I just need to make the choice.

So here is how my goal is starting out. This is me writing it down. Also, I've developed code words with my roomies to help me keep in mind what I say. Also I have this handy little bracelet to remind me throughout the day to think before I speak.

Most importantly I'm going to put in a special request tonight for the Atonement to take action in this area of my life, to help me truly better myself and grow.

I encourage you to figure out the things you feel no control over and TAKE CONTROL. We have agency over our bodies, we're the only ones that can make the changes we want.