Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have been wanting to try out my rearranged bedroom in a sleepover, and was quite excited, but I must say I was not expecting it's first outing to be my sister crawling into bed with me at 5am because of a nightmare.

Surprisingly, Spirit was the first one up and at 'em as soon as Magoo slipped in. NM was awake quickly after but fled at the sight of emotions and the threat of compassion and comfort. Spirit quickly took charge, asking what was wrong. Magoo mumbled she'd had a nightmare and Spirit cooed and ahed sufficiently. Spirit asked if Magoo wanted to talk about it, she didn't, so we all settled. I could tell the nightmare was probably about myself or our parentals, as I'm sure Magoo's Man would've been enough comfort, so I didn't say anything.

Everyone started to go back to sleep, Spirit perched on Magoo's shoulder and rubbed her little invisible hands through her hair (she sounds like a creeper). So it was all quiet and going back to sleep. And then I heard a grumble. "She pulled away the blankets." NM tried to get me to pull some back. I heard a little thump, Spirit hitting NM with her own club, and then everyone went back to sleep.

The moral of the story is, as sickly sweet as Spirit is, she's got spunk. (Say that five times fast. Gotta love alliteration.)
P.S. If you wonder why I use "Magoo" in this post, I like to think that I'm a famous blogger which everyone reads and so I need to protect the identity of my sister by using a pet name. Thus, Magoo is the sister of Roo. It just fits.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Writing Papers with NM

I thought I'd take a break from my little English time (I have to read for it now) since I finished my midterm. Funny thing about homework, Spirit goes straight to sleep and doesn't wake up until we're done. So usually the only thoughts I'm having in regards to the homework are hateful things from Natural Man. She stays awake just to hate my homework for me and give me suggestions.

For example, today she gave me some ideas on how I could totally destroy my homework. I didn't mind it that much, but that little part of me (her) just would have rather done without. So, she suggested: setting it on fire, burying it under a tree, and busting it up with her club. All very viable options.

What a nice way to get out of doing school.

Funny thing I've noticed recently. It's humanly (I can't think of a good adverb) impossible for me to look nice on Saturdays. I just can't figure out what to do with my hair or what to wear, so I usually end up with a ugly bushy ponytail or a poofy braid or something horrible looking, and I wear a hoodie and my not-cute jeans. And usually I can't bring myself to care, because I think of Saturday as my "slum it" day. Except this Saturday I happened to run into many cute boys of my acquaintance in my horrible attire. Oh well. See, I still can't bring myself to care? But this is an interesting anomaly I thought I'd share. As you can see in my little picture above, I've dressed my little self in hoodie and horrible hair for your imagination's benefit. The end.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Voices (Part 2)

Two posts in one hour? I know, I'm unstoppable.

So I just wanted to add a little image of more of my awesome voice-liness. But this time it has me in it. Consider Natural Man and Spirit as my little shoulder devil/angel. Except Natural Man threatens to hit me with the bat if I ever go against her will. Decisions decisions.


There are two (dominant) voices inside my head. I call them Natural Man and Spirit. Contrary to what her name appears to imply, Spirit is not the epitome of my secret hippie side. She's the part of me that says, "Hey, that thought is a little risque. Maybe we should show it the back door of our brain." Natural Man is, actually, also a woman, but for some reason they both have deep voices in my head. And surprisingly, they don't always take the roads of straight righteousness and straight evil. They just like to argue sometimes. And sometimes, they are both quiet and let me live my life.

Let me give you an example of some regular conversations that occur between the two. Once upon a time I was driving home from work. I was very hungry, and I had agreed with myself that I had earned eating out if I so desired. Well as I drove home, I saw Cafe Rio.

Spirit: No no, you can make it home. We'll eat nachos.
Natural Man: Hunger. Just do it.
Spirit: Save money!
Natural Man: Money. Chaching. Agreed. Besides, we're too lazy to actually stop for food.

That is basically the conversation that repeats every time I see a fast food restaurant on the way home.

Right now, Spirit went to bed hours ago (she's very precise about the 10pm bedtime). Natural Man is dozing, and growling whenever she pops awake. Neither of them appreciate being kept up. NM usually stays up later, and she wakes up first if I wake up unexpectedly. That is why I tend to be cranky at sleepovers if people awaken me when we're supposed to be sleeping. Oops.

I once drew a cartoon picture which epitomized NM and Spirit pretty accurately. I have recreated it for you in Paint.Guess which one is which.

I hope this has given you some insight into my mind. Someday I'll map my it for you.

Also, I hope it gives you insight in regards to my artistic skill which, obviously, exceeds expectations.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weird friends

There's nothing like having friends who are just as weird as you. Especially when they go to your same school and you get to randomly see them on campus. That actually increases the weirdness. I was walking to class and nearly ran into my short little friend Tashya, and we stopped, and blinked at each other, and I squawked. She squawked back and we hugged and suddenly we were just having a little chicken-squawk-conversation. This lasted about five seconds when we realized we were both totally insane and kinda laughed and then walked away to our respective classes, promising in our minds to never mention this again.

Ha. Yeah right. I'm blogging about it. And I mentioned it on her Facebook.

That's how cool we are. We facebooked it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

In the event of an apocalypse...

Just as I was doing my homework of the most common nouns that go with the most commonly used lexical verbs in the English language, I glanced over at a video my mother was watching, where basically, I saw someone brushing their teeth. That is when I decided that in the event of the apocalypse where only a few certain people survive and it is necessary to kill off/eat some of the said certain people, I have decided that the dentist will be the first to go.

This is a kind of thought that has been running through the depths of my mind, down in the creepy dark file-rooms that you try not to think about because you know they must be horrible (the thoughts down there). It just came to the surface, and surprisingly, I have to agree with my dark evil side. Kill the dentist first. Who needs a dentist after the world ends really? No one cares if your teeth are white.

So, we'll eat him. I'm glad I could make this decision for everyone. I've always held to the idea that dentists are secretly evil morbid creatures that take pleasure in others' pain. What's the term? A sadist? Or masochist? Whatever. They're that. So, to take the higher road, I won't torture them before eating them. I'll make it quick.

Sorry, dentists. I can't think of anyone (except maybe your wives and children) who will disagree with me. So now that we've covered that, I'll just return to studying nouns. And then maybe I'll write some dialogue in Chinese...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If only if only...(the woodpecker cries)

About a week ago I would've said I'm in love with Samuel Johnson. No worries though, he's dead - but he wrote a SUH-WEET dictionary. As I thought this all in my brain, I realized something. I'm a nerd. I'm in love with a dead guy that wrote a dictionary. What a learning experience.

Well, I'm not in love with Sam anymore. I mean, he's a great guy - he's really smart, organized, and has a great sense of humor -- but it just wouldn't work between us. We're too much alike (nyuk nyuk nyuk). We'll just have to stay friends. Sorry, Sam, to have to tell you that in a blog (you are dead).

So yeah - I've moved on.

Now I'm in love with Epictetus!! What a great guy. If he were still alive (I am apparently really into deadies), and not a zombie, I would totally drag that guy to the altar, if you catch my meaning. Well, I would also require that he not be enslaved anymore (before marriage, that is) and it would be great if he spoke English, because as much as I "enjoyed" those two years of Latin in High School, I'm pretty sure I didn't retain any of it, and I don't want to go back there. Also, since he may have died old, it would be great if we could all fountain-of-youthify him. Thanks, Santa. That's all I ask for my birthday (excluding the novel-length list I sent you airmail).

So anyway, why do I love Epictetus you ask? Well who wouldn't? The guy was down to earth. He said cool stuff like, "If you can't control it, don't worry about it." And "If somebody insults you, don't worry about it, cause they missed a whole lot of other stuff they could've said [and that makes them idiots]." (Brackets added by Roo) So I mean really - who wouldn't want to take that lug of wisdom and stick a ring on HIS finger? Thank you, Beyonce, for forever ruining that phrase in my head. I have to go do an embarrassing dance now.