Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have been wanting to try out my rearranged bedroom in a sleepover, and was quite excited, but I must say I was not expecting it's first outing to be my sister crawling into bed with me at 5am because of a nightmare.

Surprisingly, Spirit was the first one up and at 'em as soon as Magoo slipped in. NM was awake quickly after but fled at the sight of emotions and the threat of compassion and comfort. Spirit quickly took charge, asking what was wrong. Magoo mumbled she'd had a nightmare and Spirit cooed and ahed sufficiently. Spirit asked if Magoo wanted to talk about it, she didn't, so we all settled. I could tell the nightmare was probably about myself or our parentals, as I'm sure Magoo's Man would've been enough comfort, so I didn't say anything.

Everyone started to go back to sleep, Spirit perched on Magoo's shoulder and rubbed her little invisible hands through her hair (she sounds like a creeper). So it was all quiet and going back to sleep. And then I heard a grumble. "She pulled away the blankets." NM tried to get me to pull some back. I heard a little thump, Spirit hitting NM with her own club, and then everyone went back to sleep.

The moral of the story is, as sickly sweet as Spirit is, she's got spunk. (Say that five times fast. Gotta love alliteration.)
P.S. If you wonder why I use "Magoo" in this post, I like to think that I'm a famous blogger which everyone reads and so I need to protect the identity of my sister by using a pet name. Thus, Magoo is the sister of Roo. It just fits.

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